img_2823It would tell you of a time when the neighborhood was a quiet refuge from the bustling of the city streets…. just a few blocks away.

Where the drives in the neighborhood where lined with huge trees. Where the peace and quiet was only occasionally broken by the sound of a joyful child or a beloved family pet.

This property would speak to you from days when the yard was large enough for a real game of backyard football.

When all the homes on the block looked completely different from one another. Back when you didn’t have to turn sideways to walk between your house and the neighbors.

img_2834This home talks of times when the family enjoyed their time together in the living room and tall Christmas trees were perfectly accented by the cozy fire burning in the hearth.  No small spaces here, there was plenty of room for all of your family and friends.

This home is thrilled to have recently gone through a renovation to present a more open feel and a glorious new kitchen. All the while, keeping the old-timey feel of the good ole’ days.

If you are tired of the cookie cutter homes on the post stamp sized lots this home is calling to you.

Owner represented by Solid Realty Group, LLC.