FullSizeRenderI like to think of it like this….

If a buyer were to drive by your home would they want to get out and take a look or would they just want to keep on driving..…….

You want your house to scream WELL CARED FOR HOME from the street view.

So, the first step is to stand on the curb and really look at your house….

  • Are the gutters sagging?
  • Are the shutters crooked?
  • Is the paint peeling?
  • Are the shrubs overgrown…or maybe they’re dead…. maybe you never even got around to planting any?

These would all be considered delayed maintenance issues with your curb appeal.

Get to work on those items!

I don’t care how cute your wreath is, if there is more paint missing than present on your facia boards, your curb appeal is lacking!!

Repairing shutters, gutters, cleaning the concrete should be fairly easy and inexpensive.

Repainting can be expensive, but if your home is past the time that it should have been done you will likely take a big hit on your selling price if you don't do it.

Once you have fixed all your broken stuff, start thinking about freshening everything up.

FullSizeRenderI suggest starting with trimming the shrubs and trees.  Mow and edge the yard, then add new mulch and flowers. If the exterior paint is not bad you may just consider repainting your shutters and front door to give it a fresh look.

Next you’ll want to consider your front porch/entry.

This is the first place your potential buyers a likely to stop.

They will be waiting there for their agent to open the door.

Sometimes this is super fast, and sometimes those darn little lockboxes just don't want to work quite right!

Your potential buyers could end up looking at that dirty window, cobwebs and an old broken flower pot for awhile!

So, you want to be sure this area is very clean and roomy enough for several adults to stand.

In other words don’t overdo it on the patio furniture and entry decorations.

You will want it to be bright and cheery with a welcome mat and wreath or some other sort of seasonal door decoration, maybe a pot of bright flowers if you have room for it.

The front door should be cleaned for sure, the door knob should work well and be in good condition.  A broken lock, door knob or sticking front door is a BAD first impression!

Bright colored front doors a popular touch now.  Think of adding this splash of color.

By the way, even if your house is vacant, put out a welcome mat!FullSizeRender

Folks feel a little bad about traipsing through someone else's home without wiping off their shoes. Yes, even vacant homes.

Finally, take a look at your outdoor light fixtures, house numbers and garage door hardware.

Are they in good shape?  If not this might be the time to replace them or repaint them and freshen them up a bit.  House numbers are very easy way to freshen up.  You do want your home to be easy to identify as the correct house.  Any local home improvement store will have a good selection of house numbers, choose something fun and spruce it up a bit.

There you have it!

Fresh, pocket friendly, curb appeal, made easy by Solid Really Group, LLC.