Basic Listing

Great For Investors & For Sale By Owner (FSBO)
  • Flat Rate Listing for Six Months in your local MLS
  • Uploaded onto multiple websites such as®,® ,®
  • Upload of up to 25 photos into the MLS
  • Solid Realty Group (SRG) "FOR SALE" sign
  • Lockbox of your choice delivered to your door
  • Access to all the disclosure forms needed and required by law
  • Centralized showing account to assist you with managing showings
  • MLS listing that will not scream FSBO to other real estate agents
  • Solid Realty presentation of all offers received, via email
  • We recommend our clients pay the typical 3% to buyers agent


Confident listing my property

  • I can take my own photos or find someone to take them for me
  • I am familiar with the rules and requirements of real estate contracts
  • I have enough experience to sell my home with minimal assistance
  • Comfortable with the selling process and understand how to negotiate my house for the best return on my investment.
  • Comfortable with discussing my house with buyers agents
  • I am knowledgeable in writing, countering and accepting offers that are presented to me via email by my agent but without agent feedback
  • Comfortable staging my home
  • I am knowledgeable enough to discuss my house with interested buyers and buyers agents
  • I can adequately discuss and disclose facts relevant to my home without jeopardizing my position
  • Comfortable communicating with the Title Company
  • I can keep up with the deadlines and requirements for a timely closing.

Do these statement describe you? If so, this is your package

Dont see your package? Have something else in mind? Call us, let’s see if we all agree it makes sense to work together.

Added bonus: If you purchase this package and then decide later that you want additional services you can upgrade!

I understand this may be a remote service and I might not see my agent.

Recommended for individuals with a vast knowledge of Real Estate.

Substantial legwork from the Client will be required.

We recommend that you use a lockbox and professional Solid Realty For Sale Sign.

Additionally: We highly recommend you pay the buyers agent 3%, here’s why.