Preparing For Your Home Inspection


  • Be sure all utilities are turned on, including the gas. The pilot lights need to be lit on gas appliances.
  • Be sure the inspector can access all areas of the home including the basement, water heaters, electrical panel and all equipment.
  • Be sure pets are secured and/or removed from the premises. The inspector will likely be in their space and this could be upsetting to them.
  • Be sure to provide a clear access to the attic and crawlspace. If they are located in the back of closets, clean out the closet (including the floor) and make access easy! Also, please checked at the light is working!
  • Be sure to provide access to all appliances. Remember they will be tested, do not leave laundry in your washer or dryer. You might also consider cleaning out the oven, so that the smoke alarm does not go off when your inspector turns it on to test it.
  • Be sure all faucets, sinks, tubs and showers are accessible and able to be inspected. Including the area under the sink in order to check for leaks.
  • If you have a septic in you yard, mark the location or leave a sketch of the location on the kitchen counter for your inspector.
  • Now, go ahead and leave the house, allow the inspector the space to get his job done in a timely manner.