Why you don’t need many of the “services”
offered by the traditional 6% Agents…..

As with many industries Real Estate tends to be very entrenched in one way of doing business, change is slow. But like many other industries a better way is possible. When was the last time you felt the need to drive down to the Movie Rental Store to pick up a DVD to watch? When was the last time you bought a newspaper to search the classifieds? When is the last time you bought a map? Most of us just don’t really do those things anymore. Why should we still be paying Realtors 6% for services that could be provided much more efficiently online. There are several time honored “ways of selling houses” that 6% agents try to sell you as part of their services that you do not need and may not have really been designed to help you actually sell your house to begin with.

Open Houses

Realtors like to hold open houses. Many of them only hold them because they have been told that is what they are supposed to do or because sellers have come to expect that as part of deal. In truth Open Houses rarely sell the house that is open. They are a good way for the Realtor to pick up new buyer clients, if they are into capitalizing on that. They are a great way for neighbors to get decorating idea or just be nosey. They are a good way for unqualified buyers to get to view the interior of homes. In reality they are rarely visited by buyers who will buy your home and even if that buyers does come through he door it is likely they already have agent who could and would have shown them the house anyway. If you are still certain that you must have an open house in order to sell your home, it is easy enough for you to hold one yourself. We will even advertise it on Zillow®, Trulia® and your local MLS for you, at no additional charge.

Listing Annoucements

As crazy as that seems some agents actually pay good money to be a part of a system that will spam all the other agents in your area with emails about their new listings. If buyer’s agents are looking for homes for their buyers they most often find them in the MLS. If they get emails about a “great new listing in……” they will most likely delete it before they even open it. But guess what, that agent already paid for that subscription upfront so those fees are passed onto you in the 6% commission.

Print Publications

Print publications are getting to be more and more rare in the industry due to the cost of putting ads in them. If your house is priced right it is very likely that your home will be sold before that publication ever gets printed in the first place. Which leads us to why would buyers be shopping in those publications for homes? They’re Not! Print publications are not updated daily like the MLS systems, and buyers tend to find the homes they buy online. In fact almost all buyers are shopping online for homes before they ever contact a Realtor to help them find one to buy. Realtors® most often use print publication to advertise themselves and their services, sometime your house just happens to be the one they select as part of the ad. Many times the publications are printed by the bigger brokerages as a way to communicate with the public about various topics (all of which can also be found online) then the brokers charge their agents a fee to put the listings in the publication, it’s just another example of something that is great for the broker, touted as a benefit to the agent and consumer, but really just creates a need to charge a higher rate.

Initial consultation

During your initial consultation many agents will walk through your home to tell you what you need to pack away and give you advice on staging etc. While I agree this is helpful, is it really something that needs to be done in person? Couldn’t this be done virtually through FaceTime® or some similar application just as effectively? Could you not read a handy guide and gets this task accomplished without someone coming to your home if it meant you would save thousands of dollars? If this is such a valuable service, then why do most agents give you this advice on the first visit before you have agreed to use their services.

Seller Packages are a new approach in the Real Estate industry. HERE are common questions regarding the processes of using one of our packages. Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us if you have a question not addressed here.