Step 1:
Clear out everything you feel is cluttering your home.

Step 2:
Now go de-clutter your home AGAIN!!!

Step 3:
Seriously, See the below Tips to Prepare your home for SALE:

Curb Appeal

  • Make sure your lawn is clean and mowed
  • Freshen up flower beads with seasonal flowers and fresh mulch
  • Trees and shrubs trimmed back, professional is recommended
  • If you have a front porch, all furniture is clean and in good repair

Front Stoop/Porch

  • Clean concrete
  • Replace door mat or add new one
  • Clean the front door, repaint if needed
  • Nothing should be blocking the entrance
  • Allow room for several people to move about on the porch
  • Clean windows from the outside
  • Recommend: Nice seasonal decorations are encouraged and make your home more welcoming
  • Such as a fall wreath or spring basket

Interior Entrance

  • Size appropriate table, hall tree or vacant (good place for a welcoming scent to be placed)
  • Fresh light bulbs

Living Room

  • Remove all additional pieces of furniture
  • Make sure you can navigate easily though the room
  • Remove anything you don’t need displayed
  • Windup all your cables and cords
  • End tables clear of clutter

Dining Room

  • Dining room table cleared off with central decorative piece or preset for
  • presentation
  • Nothing should be on the floor unless its furniture
  • Remove all boxes and clutter
  • Side board with only decorative items (1, 3, 5 or 7 items recommended)
  • Remove all family photos


  • Clear off counters
  • Put away all small appliances
  • Clean front of fridge (ie: remove all magnets, flyers)
  • Keep sink clean with no dishes)
  • For photos remove all items on countertops
  • Repair/replace and missing grout or caulk as necessary
  • Minimize decorative items on top of cabinetry

All Bedrooms

  • Remove non-essential furniture. We recommended you only have a bed, dresser, nightstands, lamps and maybe a chair
  • Remove personal items and photos
  • Remove valuables
  • Decorative matching bedding recommended
  • Make your bed for your photo
  • Nothing touches the floor that’s not furniture

All Closets

  • Pack-up and store all non-essential items
  • Make sure all items are clean and tidy
  • Remove personal items and photos
  • Remove valuables, jewelry and guns
  • Nothing touches the floor that’s not furniture

All Bathrooms

  • Clean sink, tub and countertops
  • Repair or replace any damaged grout and caulk
  • Create spa effect with decorative items,
  • Add matching towels and/or hand towels
  • Remove all personal hygiene items for your photographs
  • Remove medication, jewelry and other valuables

Laundry Room

  • Clean and de-clutter
  • Remove any non-essential items
  • Make sure it is accessible

Back Porch

  • Clear path from door to backyard
  • No mildew or stains
  • Any patio furniture should be clean and in good repair
  • Add splash of color with decorative rug, pillows or flowers

Back Yard

  • Yard mowed
  • Remove any wasps nests, ant hills, etc
  • Trees trimmed and cleared back from house and roof
  • If you have a shed make accessible, clutter free and remove valuables

Step 4:
Give your home some TLC!

General Maintenance


Last few check points before we begin staging your home

  • Curb appeal, it’s important!
    • Make sure the trees and scrubs compliment your house rather than block it from sight. Freshen up the landscaping. Buy a flat of the season’s flowers and add them along with fresh mulch to your flowerbeds.
  • Paint -- it’s cheap!
    • If the exterior of your home is needing painting go ahead and get that done if possible. At the very least, freshen up the front door and make sure the doorbell works. If the inside of your home is painted wild colors do yourself a favor and neutralize it. Neutral paint will appeal to more buyers. Grey or beige are currently popular choices.
  • Carpet: is it clean?
    • The carpets should be cleaned if they have not been cleaned lately.
  • Light, we must have light!
    • Change all the light bulbs; make sure they are all the same color and not a mixture of yellow and white. Wash the windows and the light fixtures. That dirt really gets in the way of the light shining through.
  • Caulk: freshen it up.
    • Nobody wants to see black moldy caulk in the bathrooms and kitchens. If the caulk is discolored, cracked, or missing all together it’s time to do something about that.