Many of our clients really want to use their own FOR SALE BY OWNER sign. We do not recommend this!

There are three groups of people who will most often call you or just pop by and ring the doorbell from a for sale by owner sign.

Real Estate Agents: Realtors will call you because they want to list your home and most of the “training “sessions they attend teach them that For Sale By Owners are a great source of listings.

Investors: Investors will call because they want to buy your home for well below market value and they are hoping you don’t know what that is.

Unqualified buyers: Unqualified buyers will call you because they can’t get a loan and they want to see if you will owner finance your home to them…….

None of these people are very likely to be the buyer for your home! Save yourself the headache of all of these calls and pop by’s, simply by using the Solid Realty Group sign provided for you.

Electronic Lockbox


Why do I need one?

So that licensed professional can show your home at days and times that are convenient for your potential buyers, regardless of whether or not you are able to be home at the time.

You have two choices of Lockbox.

Electronic: Can only be accessed by licensed professional. It keeps a log of everyone who opens the lockbox for added security

Combo:  Can be accessed by anyone with the combination.  If you choose to use this never give the code to anyone! Require that the code be obtained through CSS.

What is Centralized Showing Service or CSS?

The Centralized Showing Service is a powerful tool available to Licensed Realtors® and their clients in most MLS areas in Texas. It works like this. Listing agents add their listings into the service. The listing agent provided centralized showing service with contact information for the seller(s) and instructions on how to access the property such as the type of lockbox used and its location. Then Licensed Realtors® representing qualified buyers can call the service to set up all of the homes they want to show their buyers within minutes in one location, they will have to provide CSS with a code to show that they are Licensed Realtors® with access to CSS. If an appointment is required or the seller requires notification, then CSS will contact the seller. Once the appointment is approved the buyers agent will be provided with access information. A log will be keep of all showings. The seller now knows that anyone accessing the lockbox information through the CSS is a licensed individual.