Why in the world would I want to pay
the buyers agent 3%?…..

Because they have the buyers!

Qualified buyers use Realtors to find their homes a large majority of the time.  Realtors find almost all of the homes they sell in the MLS.  Like it or not the current way that the industry is set up is with the seller taking care of the real estate agent commissions, on both sides.

As long as you offer to pay the buyers agent for their time and effort they WILL bring their buyers to your home!!

Why would you go to all the trouble of getting your home prepped and ready for the market, getting it listed in the MLS, only to then shoot yourself in the foot by not offering the going rate of commission to the buyers agents in your area?

Do you work for free?  Well the buyers agent doesn't either.  It’s up to you ultimately, but if you want to get your home sold we very highly recommend that you offer to pay the buyers agent 3%.